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Only had it for a couple of months now but the service has been great. Good luck to you! Our brand new Xfinity one box stopped working after TWO months this company is a joke and should be sued!!! They have over charged our bill for 3 months in a row, even after multiple calls to customer service. What a headache! I am charged data use with my computer OFF. No mobile, no wifi. I got xfinity because they said I was going to be able to watch any videos on any device. We closed the account with in March.

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Now is mid-June! I communicated more with 3 agents and they promised at the last time the end of May and etc.

I have all the communication with them for evidence. I cancelled my Comcast account early in April I returned all equipment and told them I moved into a non Comcast area and I would be cancelling the account because of this. He told me not to worry I could move this account with me or if I moved outside a Comcast area I would not be responsible for a termination fee.

Comcast to Add Netflix to Service Packages, Handle Billing

I continued to get a bill stating I needed to pay this fee. I spoke with someone on 5 different occaisons at Comcast. Each person told me they would look into it and call me back.

Of course no one ever called me back. Now I find that they have sent me to collections! I have never paid a bill late never mind be sent to collections. On my last call to them once I received this collections notice they have finally credited my account for the termination fee. I firmly believe they felt I would have just paid this rather than spend the over 6 hours I spent trying to reach someone each of the 5 times I called.

This was a very frustrating experience to say the least. I wish i read these reviews before purchasing this 80 dollar pay as go pack for internet. I shoudve known it was bull. There customer service is horrible for one then they tell you have a 30 day warranty which is only to exchange the box not a refund. You have to charge it one day and wait 48 hours after to activate it.. WTF…This is a rip off and theyve taken my 80 dollars but people are always getting over on us veterans.

That was a low blow though..

Comcast makes streaming TV box free for internet customers

Never again.. This letter detailing my terrible experience with comcast cable services was written and sent to the corporate offices twice without any response! My name is A…… L…. M……, Account 05 By early July I made my way up to corporate escalation services. When I receive no return call -I patiently, call them and leave voice mails on their voice mails. None of these calls are returned. He ducked my multiple voice mails and when he answered last Saturday claimed he had not received Voice mails and that he could not help me until Monday.

She informed me Jason was off on Monday. Naomi x was also very nice and empathetic and promised to bring this to the attention of her supervisor immediately and sent an email to Jason asking for status. She promised to call back and let me know what she learned and provided her extension. She also proceeded to ignore my voice mails.

Walter assured me that he was also emailing Raj and that Raj would call me Thursday evening. I received no call. My first calls to Comcast customer service determined that this box was not in my home. After multiple calls they were able to freeze that box and stop purchases.

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However, I would like these purchases credited to my account immediately. I have been a customer in good standing for over 18yrs. Please credit my account immediately. Please do not delay my credit, if you need to do some internal investigation to figure out how this happened. I have lost all patience and have begun reviewing alternate options for my Comcast Services. I have been manipulated and lied to by more than one of their employees. They lack integrity at all levels and are not the slightest bit customer focused.

I have been misled by them and have virtually been called a liar.

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They are not willing to honor what I was told by Prizel, one of their reps who convinced me not to cancel my service on the very first day I signed up because I found a better deal at Walmart. I thanked her for such awesome service…. I brought my equipment home, hooked it up and called their technician to start my service. After more than an hour and a half their techs were unable to get me booted up….

He arrived and told me that the equipment in the wall was outdated, not working properly, and would have never provided the signal I required to get up and running. He replaced several components in the wall not the items I picked up from Comcast and hooked up myself. Can you imagine! We did misinform you.

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But we are still not going to do as our representative promised. They rather quote policy and tell you what they will not do for you than listen and put the situation into proper perspective to make a sound decision. No apologies to me for the misinformation and hassle, just an overwhelming lack of concern and empathy. And from what I can tell the only people who will call you are people who are not empowered to make good decisions based on the deception I experienced. I guess the management who have integrity and are reasonable if they exist…. My advice to anybody who has a choice is to avoid Comcast at all cost.

I am on the phone with Customer service about my bill.

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Comcast decided to keep billing me. I called to talk with them about my bill the lady was very rude and when i asked for supervisor she hung on me. Be careful when you talk to their employees. They always lie to you.