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OAuth Tips The OAuth parameters must be added as query string parameters and not included in the Authorization header.

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This is because there is no reliable cross-platform way to get the raw request headers in WordPress. The OAuth nonce can be any randomly generated 32 character recommended string that is unique to the consumer key. Read more suggestions on generating nonces on the Twitter API forums.

How to create and manage Coupon Codes in WooCommerce

The OAuth timestamp should be the unix timestamp at the time of the request. The API will deny any requests that include a timestamp outside of a 15 minute window to prevent replay attacks. You must use the store URL provided by the index when forming the base string used for the signature, as this is what the server will use. Twitter has great instructions on generating signatures with OAuth 1. If including filter fields in your request, it saves a lot of trouble if you can order your filter fields alphabetically before submitting. Many Oauth libraries won't order subquery fields properly, resulting in invalid signatures.

Parameters All endpoints accept optional parameters which can be passed as an HTTP query string parameter, e. Note that search terms should be URL-encoded as they will be decoded internally with urldecode order controls the ordering of the resources returned, accepted values are ASC default or DESC orderby controls the field that is used for ordering the resources returned. Defaults to date. Most useful for returning unpublished products, e. Link Header Pagination info is included in the Link Header.

Authentication or permission errors, such as incorrect API keys will result in Unauthorized. Requests to resources that don't exist or are missing required parameters will result in Not Found. Requests that cannot be processed due to a server error will result in Internal Server Error. Note that search terms should be URL-encoded as they will be decoded internally with urldecode.

Protected meta meta whose key is prefixed with an underscore is not included in the response. A list of available endpoints for the site keyed by relative URL. See Meta Properties. The unit set for product weights. Valid units are kg , g , lbs , oz. The unit set for product dimensions. Whether pretty permalinks are enabled on the site, if this is false, the API will not function correctly.

Use true whether to permanently delete the coupon, defaults to false. List of Billing Address fields.

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See Billing Address Properties. List of Shipping Address fields. See Shipping Address Properties. List for downloadable files, each one have a name file name and file file URL attribute. Order status. By default are available the status: pending , processing , on-hold , completed , cancelled , refunded and failed.

See View List of Order Statuses. List of payment details. See Payment Details Properties. List of customer billing address. See Customer Billing Address Properties. List of customer shipping address.

5 Best Discount Coupon Generator for WooCommerce

See Customer Shipping Address Properties. List of shipping line items. See Shipping Lines Properties. List of tax line items. See Tax Lines Properties read-only. Use true to complate the payment. Transaction ID, an optional field to set the transacion ID when complate one payment to set this you need set the paid as true too. List of product meta items.

Create a coupon programatically - WooCommerce Docs

See Products Meta Items Properties. List of product variation attributes. Shows if is or not a compound rate. Compound tax rates are applied on top of other tax rates. Use true whether to permanently delete the order, defaults to false. Default is false. Product type.

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By default in WooCommerce the following types are available: simple , grouped , external , variable. Default is simple. If the product is downloadable or not. Downloadable products give access to a file upon purchase. SKU refers to a Stock-keeping unit, a unique identifier for each distinct product and service that can be purchased.

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  • Current product price. Sets the sale start date. Sets the sale end date. Price formatted in HTML, e. Tax status. The options are: taxable , shipping Shipping only and none. Stock quantity. If is a variable product this value will be used to control stock for all variations, unless you define stock at variation level.

    Controls whether or not the product is listed as "in stock" or "out of stock" on the frontend. If managing stock, this controls whether or not backorders are allowed. If enabled, stock quantity can go below 0. The options are: false Do not allow , notify Allow, but notify customer , and true Allow write-only. Shows whether or not the product is visible in the catalog read-only. Catalog visibility. The following options are available: visible Catalog and search , catalog Only in catalog , search Only in search and hidden Hidden from all.

    Default is visible. Shipping class slug. Shipping classes are used by certain shipping methods to group similar products.

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    List of up-sell products IDs integer. Up-sells are products which you recommend instead of the currently viewed product, for example, products that are more profitable or better quality or more expensive. List of cross-sell products IDs. Cross-sells are products which you promote in the cart, based on the current product. List of product categories names string. List of product tags names string. List of product attributes. See Attributes Properties. Note: the attribute must be registered in WooCommerce before.

    Defaults variation attributes. These are the attributes that will be pre-selected on the frontend. Any suggestion? Thanks per advance.